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Wild Encounter: Elephant

No creature looms larger over the savanna than the African elephant, and you’ll agree when you come face-to-trunk with one on our African elephant Wild Encounter!

Remembering Biji

Hello again from Caitlin on the Orangutan Team!  It has been an emotional month for us orangutan caretakers, as we recently said goodbye to our oldest female orangutan, Biji.  Biji was famously known at Zoo Atlanta as being one of the founding members of our orangutan population.  She lived to be 52 years old and … Continue reading "Remembering Biji"

Cognitive Bias

In our last blog post, we talked about some of the methodologies we use to study animal welfare. We often look at behavior, and physiological measures, as proxies for an animal’s state of mind. But scientists developed a test that can measure state of mind: the cognitive bias test. Cognitive bias is the effect of … Continue reading "Cognitive Bias"

Continuing education at the Felid TAG Conference

Last month, the Zoo’s Lead Keeper of Carnivores and I had the opportunity to attend this year’s Felid Taxon Advisory Group (TAG) Conference hosted by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The Felid TAG Conference is an annual conference for those working with wild cat species worldwide. There are two components of the conference – the … Continue reading "Continuing education at the Felid TAG Conference"

Panda Updates- Monday, August 21

Hello everyone, Christina from the Panda Care Team here! Today I wanted to talk about another cool adaptation of giant pandas, their famous black-and-white coats. It might seem like a bear with stark white and black patterned fur might stick out like a sore thumb in a lush green bamboo forest. For a long time, their … Continue reading "Panda Updates- Monday, August 21"


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The Delta Team: Conservation’s Cutest Heroes

Our most recent Conservation Blog introduced you to one of our most significant conservation partnerships: Conservation South Luangwa (CSL), a Zambia-based non-profit that uses methods such as anti-poaching patrols, snare removal, aerial surveillance, and trained detection dogs to locate wildlife contraband in South Luangwa National Park and across Zambia’s Eastern Province.  If your eye snagged … Continue reading "The Delta Team: Conservation’s Cutest Heroes"

How do reptiles and amphibians beat the heat?

Good day! Robert from the Herpetology Department here to talk about how we help the reptiles and amphibians at Zoo Atlanta beat the heat. Why should these animals need to beat the heat, you ask? After all, don’t all the scaly and slimy things like it hot since they are cold-blooded? Well, the term “cold-blooded” … Continue reading "How do reptiles and amphibians beat the heat?"


ATLANTA – August 10, 2023 – Zoo Atlanta is deeply saddened to share news of the passing of an original founding member of its great ape population: Biji the Sumatran orangutan, age 52. The Veterinary and Animal Care Teams had been treating the geriatric orangutan for advancing kidney failure, and due to her poor prognosis, … Continue reading "ZOO ATLANTA SADDENED BY LOSS OF FOUNDING MEMBER OF ORANGUTAN POPULATION"